Engineering Translation Revision

What is a revision? What is a revision of an engineering or industrial translation?

In the process of a translation, the revision represents a vital component, as it is a tool for monitoring and improving quality, particularly when it comes to more technical translations. The Spanish Professional Association of Translators and Interpreters define a revision as the procedure that verifies whether or not the translator has correctly applied the editing criteria established and/or if the translation is faithful to the original.

There are different phases of a revision. Perhaps the most important phases, in terms of engineering and industrial translations, are proofreading, validating the terminology and content, and checking the style and syntax of the translation. This is because this type of translation has firm editorial rules and a specific and specialized vocabulary, which is why this kind of revision needs to be completed by professional translators who have knowledge of the subject or are experts in the field. This way ensures consistency in the content and guarantees the quality of the final document.

Why you should choose our agency?

When it comes to the field of translations, Deltatext has over 20 years of experience. Our agency has over 2000 professional translators and revisers available to you, the client, in order to select the best professional for the job. Because we are certified by ISO 9001 and UNE 15038, working with us will guarantee quality.

At Deltatext, we offer services of creation and revision of glossaries. We also have our own technological tools, such as our documentation and terminological management software, and a collaborative online platform, which helps facilitates and simplifies the task of a revision.

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Revisión de traducciones de ingeniería

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