Legal Translation Revision

What is legal translation revision?

A revision is used for the control and improvement on the quality of a translation, therefore it is a necessary tool. Revision is particularly necessary when it comes to more specialized topics, such as Law & Legislation. According to the Department of Spanish Language of the Translation General Directorate of the European Commission, a revision consists of the

Comparison of a translation with its original text in order to note or correct any deficiencies in both content and formal presentation.

The task of a revision requires the verification of several elements: first, typographical elements, aiming to ensure that items such as spelling and punctuation are respected; secondly, the style and syntax; and finally, the revision of the content and terminology.

Legal translations are treated more delicately due to the specificity of the terminology and importance of the format, since it includes particular writing parameters and style. This type of translation and revision needs to be carried out by either a professional translator familiar with legal work or an expert within the legal field.

What are the advantages to using our agency?

Deltatext has over 20 years of experience in the industry, a series of terminology management tools, and its own computer software available to their clients. These resources allow us to improve the quality of our translations and offer more efficiency to our clients. Another advantage we have is over 2000 professional translators and revisers; which makes it possible to assign the most competent professional for each project. Finally, Deltatext is backed by ISO9001 & UNE 15038, so quality is guaranteed.

Choosing Deltatext helps you save time and money, without sacrificing quality.

What makes us different?

  • Our own document management software
  • Collaborative online platform; streamlines the revision process
  • More than 2000 qualified translators in a variety of disciplines
  • An excellent system of urgent translations
  • Generation of translation memories and specific glossaries
  • Excellent quality-price ratio

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Revisión de traducciones legales

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