Presentation Revision

What is a revision?

A revision is an essential element for the control, management, and improvement of the quality of a translation. During the translation process, the objective of the revision is to check or verify the translation produced from a document; this is to ensure that the translation remains faithful to the original document in both content and form. A translated document is subjected to the revision of, for example, typographical syntax (accentuation, spelling, punctuation…), style, content, and terminology. Which is particularly relevant in the case of revisions of translations on presentations and audiovisual material.

What is the revision of a presentation?

In the case of translations of presentations or audiovisual translations, such as presentations done on PowerPoint, Keynote, Youtube, video translations, or translation of subtitles, it is very important to follow strict editorial standards, in order to reproduce the original format so that it may be used in the same manner for which the it was designed.

What makes us different?

We offer our clients a professional qualified team of translators, who specialize in a assortment of fields. At Deltatext, we have our own technology and software tools. These tools allow us to provide better document and content management, as well as a rigorous quality control system – backed by ISO 9001 and UNE 15038 – ensuring the coherency and value of all our translations.

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Revisión de presentaciones

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