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What is a revision?

The revision plays and important role due to the control, manageability, and improvement on the quality it can provide in the translation process. This is principally true when we refer to more specialized fields. The ultimate task of a revision is to check the translation of a document; that is, to ensure it is faithful to the original in both content and form.

What is the revision of a website translation?

A translation is subjected to revision on various levels, depending on the content being analyzed. Generally, a revision will look over the grammar and sentence structures; terminology and style; and, of course, the spelling, accentuation, and punctuation. In the case of web translations, such as web pages, blogs, alerts in javascript, etc., both format and content must be carefully revised. This is due to the fact that this type of translation can be highly specialized and has it’s own very specific language, terminology, and structure. This is why it is imperative that website translations be conducted by translators who are experts in the field or by professionals in the industry.

Why should you choose our services?

Deltatext can offer access to over 2000 qualified professional translators who specialize in a wide variety of fields. We have our own software and technological tools that allow us to offer you better content management, documentation management, and a strict quality control system. We can ensure consistency and value in even our most demanding translations, as we are backed by ISO 9001 & UNE 15038.

Websites are updated frequently, which is why it is essential to have a tool that updates and revises the new contents of pages, working only with the components that have been introduced or modified. Our agency has a generation of glossaries and translation memories service, which, along with our collaborative online platform, helps simplify the revision process. Altogether, this allows us to offer an extremely competitive price, while still getting quality translations and revisions.

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Revisión de traducciones de sitios web

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