Website Translation and SEO services

Translating your company’s website

A website is a company’s calling card; it gives clients a first impression, one which often influences their decision when choosing a potential partner or provider to do to business with. Because of the crucial role this first-impression plays when acquiring new clients, Deltatext understands the importance of having a multilingual website, one that reaches a broader, global, audience and which clients from a wide variety of cultures can use comfortably, as it caters to their needs in their own language.

In the case of website translation or translation of web content, both the format and the actual content are essential elements of the process, as the specific language necessary to translate web pages, blogs, JavaScript alerts (pop-ups), etc. has its own distinct rules. For this reason, websites should be translated by expert translators, with solid knowledge in the field. It is also critical that the message the company wishes to communicate is maintained in all languages, that the translated website is easy to navigate, and that it respects the different social and cultural conventions associated with your local audience, allowing you to provide a better user experience, in any language!

Optiming your company’s website

An added strategy to help optimize your website is SEO; this requires a more specialized translation service and is geared towards increasing traffic and search engine rankings of your website.  Contact us to find out more about our website translation + international SEO services.

At Deltatext, we are committed to the research, use and implementation of New Technologies. We have developed our own document and terminology management software, as well as an online platform that allows us to streamline the website translation process. Changes made to a website can be almost immediately translated of re-translated; we can update a site’s content by translating only that which has changed, as our system detects these modifications. We also offer assistance on the most effective way of organizing contents if you do not use a CMS.

Examples of web translations

  • Website Translation
  • Blog Translation
  • Translation of JavaScript alerts
  • Dynamic content Translation

       Services at no additional cost

  • Translation revision by a second specialized translator
  • We upload files to your server
  • If you’re using WordPress, we can add and update your content and its translation
  • Consulting services for Dynamic Multilingual Website Development


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Website Translation and SEO services

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