Proofreading and Revision

We offer translation revision and proofreading services for translated documents


We offer proofreading and revision. We revise and proofread translations carried out internally by your company or by other suppliers, and ensure that the quality of the translated documents meets the necessary standards required for a particular purpose. In addition to translation revision or proofreading, we offer a service aimed at creating a customized glossary in order to facilitate the translation of the more technical terminology of and to make future translations more accurate, coherent and efficient.

We offer Revision and Proofreading of original documents in a variety of languages, Translation Revision, Proofreading of Translations, Translation Quality Improvement and Consulting service for future projects.

Some of our Revision and Proofreading services are:

Legal Translation Revision

Presentation Revision

Scientific Translation Revision

Urgent Translations Revision

Web Translation Revision

Automatic Translation Revision

Engineering Translation Revision

Translation Glossaries Revision

Economy Revision

Publicity Translation and Translation Revision


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Proofreading and Revision

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