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What is the revision of an advertising translation?

The translations of advertisements are a particular case in the field of translations. While like other translations, in which the guidelines of style and editing are the same, this type of translation does not comply with the general rules of the language. Advertising translations need to adjust to the social and cultural references of the target audience, therefore it is necessary to make adjustments on the product, culture, and language.

What are the challenges of a revision on an advertising translation?

The revision of an advertising translation can be a delicate process. In general, a revision focuses on three aspects: typographical elements; style and syntax; and content and terminology. However, this type of revision does not follow the same rules. This means that, sometimes, things like grammar, punctuation, syntax, and spelling will take the backseat to objective, style, format, and the correct cultural references. This is so that the translation remains faithful to the original text, while still conveying and transmitting the same message.

Because advertisements require creativity and a certain understanding of the industry’s rules, the revisions of advertising translations should be conducted by experts or translators specialized in the field of advertisement.

What makes us different?

  • Our own document management software
  • Collaborative online tool; facilitates the revision process
  • A large team of qualified translators dedicated to a variety of disciplines
  • An excellent urgent translations system
  • Generation of specific glossaries and translation memories
  • Excellent quality-price ratio
  • Certified by ISO 9001 & UNE 15038

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