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What is a revision of an urgent translation?

Urgent translations are translations in which there is a limited amount of time to translate a document with a large volume of words that would normally require more time to process. This type of translation undergoes a different procedure, and can have an effect on the quality of the translation. Often, in the case of urgent translations, the quality is not the primary concern, since it is not accompanied by significant consequences. However, there are circumstances in which a translation, despite being urgent, is required to meet a given standard.

For this reason, the revision of an urgent translation is necessary, since it is a mechanism that corrects the greatest errors in the translation and reviews the terminology, figures, and other similar components of an urgent translation. This way, the translation goes through a second filter, which helps to elevate the quality, given the circumstances.

Why choose Deltatext?

At Deltatext, we have developed our own technology and software tools, of which include: document management software, terminology management software, and a collaborative online platform that helps to efficiently simplify the process of revision and translation. Additionally, we have a skilled and proficient team of professional translators who have years of experience in the industry.

Request a free quote for an Urgent Translation Revision, or send us an e-mail at deltatext@deltatext.com.

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