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What is a revision?

The revision represents a key element in the process of a translation; in which it is used as a tool to help control and improve the quality of the translation, particularly in projects where the subjects are more specialized. The objective of the revision is to verify that the translation has remained faithful to the original document and follows the rules of composition and style.

Typography (punctuation, spelling, accentuation), style, syntax (characteristics of each document and language), terminology, and content are the distinct elements of a translation that a revision, as it’s name suggests, looks over to ensure the quality of the translation.

What is an Economy Translation Revision?

The economic language features well-defined writing parameters and precise terminology; for this reason, the work of a reviser is essential, because it requires specific knowledge. Through the revision of a translation, whether by a translator specialized in the field or by an expert in the area, we can ensure not only consistency in the content of the translation, but also the accuracy and quality.

Why choose an agency? What can we offer?

At Deltatext, we offer our clients our extensive stock of translators. Additionally, we offer our own tools of technology, – such as documentation and terminological management software, and our collaborative online platform-, and our proven emergency system and our glossaries generation service. Our company is backed by the highest industry standards, such as ISO 9001 and UNE 15038, so Deltatext is tantamount to quality. Working with us will give you quality and efficiency, while saving time.

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