Scientific translation revision

What is a revision?

A revision is an essential step in the translation process, because it is a tool that can guarantee the quality of a translation. There are several phases to a revision; the first being the revision of orthotypography, in which the spelling, accentuation, and punctuation is verified and complies with the rules of the target language; secondly, the revision of the style and syntax, because it is the translators job to translate concepts and ideas, not just words; lastly, we have the revision of terminology, quality, and content.

What is a Scientific translation revision?

While the translator can accomplish the first two phases of a revision, the third phase should be reviewed by an expert in scientific translation or by someone within the field of the scientific translation. This is how we can ensure consistency in the content and ensure the quality of the document. The scientific language is typically directed to specialists and has a very specific and precise terminology, for this reason, a revision becomes a necessary, if not recommendable, phase in a translation.

Why work with an agency? What are our advantages?

Deltatext has over 18 years of experience. This enables us to provide the customer with the knowledge acquired over the years. With our stock of over 2000 translators and reviewers, we are capable of finding the most appropriate professional for any task. Additionally, we are backed by ISO 9001 and UNE 15038, so we can guarantee quality translations to our customers.

Deltatext has its own tools of technology, among which include a terminology and documentation management software, and an online collaborative tool, whose objective is to facilitate and improve the process of revision. We also offer a creation and revision of glossaries service, which is extremely helpful in solving the translation of technical terms and in expediting future translations.

You can save time, while getting quality and efficiency in your translations by working with an agency such as Deltatext.

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Revisión de traducciones científicas

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