Automatic Translation Revision

What is a Revised Automatic Translation?

An automatic translation is by means of a program or a translation algorithm, rather than a person translating the project. This way of translating projects is quick and efficient, however, the end product of the translation can end up losing some of its semantics, syntax, and language style. This can be especially true in technical and specialized translations.

Revising automatic translations can help address intrinsic errors in the automatic translation and compensate for the deficiencies that are a part of this type of translation. This way, we can find the errors in meaning that could lead to an incomplete or incorrect translation. For this reason, in the case of an automatic translation, a revision becomes a necessary element in order to ensure a translation of acceptable quality.

What makes us different?

At Deltatext, we have technological tools that include document and terminology management software and a collaborative online platform, which makes the process of revision easy and more efficient. Additionally, we have a qualified team of professional translators with years of experience in the business.

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Revisión de traducciones automáticas

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