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We offer automatic translations

What is an Automatic Translation?

This is a translation processed through a program or translation algorithm; which can be defined as an “automated” translation; that is to say, it goes through a process of translating from one natural language to another by utilizing a specialized software.

When and how to make use of an Automatic Translation?

Automatic Translations are specially adapted to be utilized as a draft, in order to understand the basic idea or general concept of the text, or when a high quality translation is not required.

    Some examples of Automatic Translations include:

  • Large documents “for today”
  • Massive consultations online about products
  • Internal correspondence
  • Any type of translation

What is our difference?

In Deltatext, we have the advantage in being able to offer pre-translated automatic translations using the client’s translation memories and the glossaries, rather than resorting to other systems. For this reason, it is possible to obtain a higher quality automatic translation.


An Automatic Translation could never substitute nor compare to a human translation; each translator is unique and irreplaceable, and each language – and it’s variations- has a complexity that a computer system is not always capable of rendering. Natural language contains structures that can lose meaning, logic, and other qualities like arbitrary ambiguity, that a computer cannot relay.

*Sworn translations, due to their nature and their intended purposes, cannot be translated automatically.

What other related services do we offer?

    Services with additional costs

  • Revision of the Automatic Translation by a professional translator

Deltatext does not utilize the automatic translations in any other type of translation

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Revisión de traducciones automáticas

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