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Get discounts on repeated words in a document*. Combining this with translation memories means huge savings!

Thanks to our online translation software, our management platform identifies repeated words and segments in a document. This enables our clients to save time and money, since repeated strings, words, or segments need only be translated once. This is also essential for the quality assurance process, as terminology remains consistent throughout one or several documents

Our platform can also make use of previous translations carried out for the same client so as to analyze the vocabulary and establish a specific terminology for all translations corresponding to, for instance, a single department, or a company. In this way, as an additional advantage, the unique, specific corporate language associated to a brand-name or corporation is always respected.

Savings generated by making the most out of repeated words can also be measured: this is a great tool for traceability purposes, since our clients can track and measure the time and money they saved, a convenient and practical feature.


Advantages of working with Deltatext

Thanks to our over 18 years of experience and our team of qualified translators, we have the necessary knowledge to provide our clients with a versatile and complete service, offering a solution to their most challenging projects. Translation and other language services are a complex task, regardless of the languages involved, and require the expertise of professionals.

At Deltatext, we are committed to the Research, Use and Implementation of New Technologies, as our team is made up of both linguists and engineers. We aim aim at implementing the most recent advances to our field, so as to offer the best possible service. Our offices in two continents enable us to offer continuous service 18 hours a day, both by telephone and e-mail.

Some of our services:

  • Terminology and Document Management Software.
  • Online collaborative translation platform, to streamline the translationrevision and editing processes.
  • Real-time interaction with our translators, revisers and project managers.
  • Glossary and Translation Memory Management.
  • Tried and tested urgent translation system.
  • Qualified team of translators with experience in a variety of sectors and specialized fields.
  • Periodic quality control meetings with our clients.

Deltatext is certified by ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 15038.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to receive more information on any of our services, or send us an e-mail.


* This discount is only applicable to documents translated through our online application.

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Save on repeated words

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