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We offer social media content translation for social networking accounts

In recent years, there’s been a growing need for a free flow of information, ideas and knowledge, boosted by new developments in information technology and telecommunications. These have led to a new structuring in the ways people and businesses communicate and it is precisely in this context that social media and have acquired great relevance.

Social Network Content Translation

Social media marketing plays an increasingly crucial role in any company’s Marketing plans and strategies. Because of this, a good, up-to-date website is no longer enough in today’s interconnected world: companies need to make sure that they are reaching the widest audience possible, and the way to do this is social media.

Due to the diversity of social media and the different uses given to it, a company’s blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google +1…accounts need to cater to the needs of a specific client type or audience. This means that social media contents need to be:

a) translated, as it’s the only way increasing the reach new clients and becoming known;  and
b) localized or transcreated, so as to adapt the content to each specific language, culture and country.

Localization and transcreation of social media networks therefore become essential and indispensable parts of any company’s marketing plan – and of the social media translation process –  as social networks are the way through which a company interacts and communicates with its clients, finds and establishes new contacts, broadcasts news, promotes products, etc.

At Deltatext, we understand the need for translation of social network content and the importance of localization as part of a marketing strategy. We therefore offer different translation levels for social media, depending on each of our client’s specific wishes:

1)     Translation and transcreation of contents
2)     Translation and transcreation + social networking services (community manager)

Working with Deltatext: what makes us different?

Deltatext was founded in 1994 and has worked, since the beginning, with clients from all over Europe thanks to a globalized team of professional and qualified translators. Because we have developed our own document management platform and collaborative online software, we are able to establish a highly efficient communication system between our clients, our coordinators and our translators.

We are certified by ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 15038, a quality assurance guarantee, and have our own computer assisted translation software and terminology management engine. We are committed to the Research, Use and Implementation of New Technologies in Translation and Linguistics, as we are made up of Linguists and Engineers.

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Translation for Social Networks and Marketing

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