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Access our online application to see the progress on the documents being translated and what you are saving on repeated words; add comments or opinions on different aspects of the translation. All in real time, with a simple interface.

Our online translation platform enables our clients to track the status of their projects while it’s being carried out. Depending on the type of project, it also allows them to interact with our team of translators, coordinators and project managers, as well as to send comments or make revisions in real time without interfering with the translation process and giving invaluable support to the task of quality assurance.

Our online platform can be accessed from anywhere in the globe, and does not need to be istalled or downloaded. For this reason, it facilitates the work of global teams or groups working from different offices worldwide, since it allows all participants to interact at the same time and to work remotely from any location.

 Why choose Deltatext?

At Deltatext, we put our over 18 years of experience in the translation nad language services field, as well as our team of professional, qualified translators at our clients’ disposal. Our translators work in a wide range of language combinations and our specialized in a variety of fields, allowing us to meet the needs of our over 2000 clients.

Deltatext is made up of of linguists and engineers; it has therefore always focused on the development and implementation of New Technologies in the Languistics and Translation fields. This has led to the creation of our our document management platform and a unique online translation software.

Deltatext is a main supplier for some of the largest Spanish companies, which can vouch for our experience. It also has offices in two continents: our clients can contact us via phone or e-mail, as we offer continuous service 18 hours a day.

Deltatext is a Language Services Provider certified by ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 15038 standards, a quality guarantee.


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Track the Status of Your Project in Real Time




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