Continuous Customer Service 18 hours a Day; Wherever and Whenever

Our two offices, in San Francisco and Madrid, and our online platform enable us to handle the translation of your documents continuously, while offering telephone assistance 18 hours a day.

Our global team of professional translators, specialized in a wide range of fields and language combinations enable us to meet all of our clients’ needs. Clients can interact with our translators and coordinators, and can contact our team, whther by phone or e-mail, at any of our locations.

Our online platform allows us to not only manage all your documentations but, depending on the nature of your project, it makes it possible for you and our team to track the progress of your translation in real time, as well as to make observations or leave comments, and even verify an revise the work being carried out, so as to establish a specific terminology, for example, or a particular corporate language.

Because it is possible to access our platform from anywhere on the planet, without the need for installing or downloading new software, working with global teams or working globally is not only easy, but practical. Multinational teams, working from offices around the world, can keep in touch and communicate with each other, and with our team if necessary.

About us

Deltatext is a Language Services Provider with over 18 years of experience on the translations and language services field. We are certified by ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 15038 and we work with some of the largest companies in Spain, who among our over 2000 clients, can vouch to our expertise and dedication. Besides translation services for many different fields and our own translation softwares, some of the other services we offer our clients are:

Don’t hesitate to contact our offices in either continent to request more information, or send us an e-mail.


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Continuous Customer Service 18 hours a Day; Wherever and Whenever

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