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Through an Automated Generation of Translation Memories, you could save cumulatively on future translations.

Thanks to our online translation platform, our software saves repeated text strings, segments, and words from previous projects. In this way, if previously translated strings appear in a new document, they are automatically detected by the platform, making the need for a new translation unnecessary. Therefore, each new project contributes to creating a richer, more complete translation memory – and even to assigning separate ones for different departments within the same company – in order to standardize terminology and save more on each new document, as the number of words that need to be translated is reduced with every new translation.

The same system also finds words and segments that are repeated within a same document; they then have to only be translated once and the translation can be reused throughout the document. This also helps improve quality, since internal consistency is ensured and maintained.

Our clients can also track, in real time, the status of their projects and the progress being made on the translation of each document, and even revise or verify the translation while it is being carried out, whilw interacting directly with the translators, project managers and terminologists.


Working with Deltatext

Deltatext has more than 18 years of experience in the translation and language services field, and has since its origins been commited to the research and implementation of new technologies in the field. We have developped our own translation and document management system, as well as a unique online translation platform.  Thanks to our dedication and to our team of qualified, professional translators, we can offer our clients a wide range of services, in numerous languages and fields, as well as join them in facing their most challenging projects.

Because our offices are located in two continents, we can work on your projects and offer assistance continuosly, 18 hours a day. Besides our innovating software, our document management platform, and our wide range of services, we can offer localization and transcreation support thanks to our global team of professionals.

Deltatext is certified ISO 9001- and UNE-EN 15038-certified.


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Pay Less for Each New Project


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