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Sworn Translators: who are they?

Sworn translators and/or sworn interpreters are professional translators or interpreters who have been certified by, for example, a Supreme Court or a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among other bodies, or Professional Association, depending on the country. They are also registered, so that the public can know who they are.

Their activity

Sworn translators carry out sworn translations. They certify with their signature and, in some cases, a seal or stamp, that the document they have translated is a true and complete translation of the original, thereby legally validating the translation, so that it becomes official.

There are different ways of obtaining the title of “sworn translator”. Sometimes, an exam is required; in other cases, the translator has to provide proof that he or she has a degree in Translation and Interpreting, has a solid knowledge of the languages in question, and that he has taken a certain number of courses on Economic or Legal translations. Oftentimes, the translator needs to give a sworn statement before a judge. Although some changes have been made since this list was published, you will find a brief description of the process for different countries.

What documents do sworn translators work with?

A sworn translation can be provided for almost any authentic document. However, the documents most often need to be translated by a sworn translator are:

  • Official certificates and vital records: birth certificates, marriage licenses and marriage certificates, criminal records, divorce certificates, death certificates, for example.
  • Corporate documents: financial statements, annual accounts, annual report, P&L accounts, etc.
  • Legal documents: contracts, deeds, agreements…
  • Academic documents: academic records, transcripts, diplomas, degrees…
  • Immigration documents
  • Passports and ID’s

Advantages of working with Deltatext

As a Language Services Provider, we can offer a wide range of language related services besides translation, such as revision and proofreading, interpreting, editing and desktop publishing, software and access to our online collaborative platform. We also have a large team of sworn, certified and qualified professional translators, specialized in a variety of languages and fields, which allows us to meet our clients’ needs, related to both turnaround time and specialty area.

With nearly two decades of experience, Deltatext is certified by quality standards ISO 9001 and UNE-EN 15038. Our clients can access our online platform, allowing them to follow their projects’ progress, and making the translation, revision and proofreading process more effective.


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Sworn Translators

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